Tableau Training

Tableau is valued for its ability to turn data into actionable insights, making it a powerful tool for businesses to analyze and understand their data effectively. With features like drag-and-drop functionality, a wide range of visualization options, and the ability to connect to different data sources, Tableau enables users to explore large and complex datasets, create interactive visualizations, and share insights across organizations. Although not a partner, Intelligencia has over a decade worth of experience working with Tableau.

Introduction to Tableau

Intelligencia has created an Introduction to Tableau course that includes the following sections:

  • What is Tableau?

  • Introduction to the product suite.

  • What business intelligence is.

  • The Tableau interface and its major functions.

  • Which data structures are suitable for Tableau.

  • How Tableau reads and categorizes data.

  • Different data concepts and theories.

  • How to connect and manage data sources.

  • How to navigate the Tableau workspace.

  • How to build a view and different chart types.

  • How to create a dashboard.

  • How to publish and share a workbook.

  • How to use calculated fields in Tableau.

  • How to use numeric, string, conditional, and analytical expressions/functions in.


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