Goal: In this module, Intelligencia will show students how to optimize their predictive analytics solutions. The increased use of analytics can introduce a positive feedback loop into marketing campaigns, to support data-driven decisions by management, and to make the entire company more predictive. There should be a desire to take advantage of statistical analytic capabilities, web-based OLAP analysis, and predictive modeling to achieve these ends.

Analytics can help determine which advertising campaign or advertising partner’s pages have the highest landing rates, as well as show conversion rates for all of the company’s advertising and marketing budgets. Mobile analytics can also display how many visitors downloaded material from a site, which can help in factoring a company's advertising and marketing budgets. And, finally, analytics can display which pages have the highest exit rates. With this type of analysis, marketers can rapidly adjust marketing campaigns to exploit the most effective ones and, conversely, trim the non-performing ones.

Goal: Data integration, cleansing and enrichment; extract, cleanse, transform, aggregate, load and govern data.

The promise of BI software is that it enables decision makers at all levels in an organization to leverage data for business advantage — to explore data, draw insights and meaningful conclusions, as well as make better corporate decisions. BI has expanded beyond simply surfacing key performance indicators (KPIs) and now includes solutions that allow data discovery and data blending.

Goal: This module is all about creating a company-wide patron view, developing and setting the stage for loyalty analysis, market basket analysis, customer segmentation and predictive events modeling.

Customer Experience (CX) and/or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a strategy used to learn more about a customer’s needs and behaviors in order to develop a stronger relationship with them. From a customer perspective, well-implemented CX and CRM systems can offer a unified customer interface that delivers customization and personalization. At each transaction point, such relevant patron data as a customer's personal preferences as well as his or her overall past history transactions are available to the clerk serving the customer, giving them valuable information about how to interact with the person.

Goal: Set the stage for a streamlined, end-to-end business analytics process that extends from data integration, through transformation, to reporting/analytics, and up to information distribution and collaboration.

Today’s EDWs enable gaming organizations to deliver actionable, timely, and trustworthy intelligence to a range of business users and operational systems. An EDW organizes and aggregates historical analytical data from functional domains – such as customer, ecommerce, finance, and human resources – that align with key processes, applications, and roles.

Goal: This module is the multi-channel marketing and campaign management data mart build, as well as the campaign performance monitoring and evaluation phase. Campaign Management solution will enable companies to develop and manage personalized customer communications strategies and delivery of offers.

This module will teach students how to rapidly create, modify and manage multi-channel, multi-wave marketing campaigns that integrate easily with any fulfillment channel, automatically producing outbound (contact) and inbound (response) communication history. Students will learn how to define target segments, prioritize selection rules, prioritize offers across multiple campaigns and channels, select communication channels, schedule and execute campaigns, and perform advanced analyses to predict and evaluate the success of customer communications.


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