Real-time Collaboration

With Qlik, biotech executives can:

  • Make faster and better clinical decisions.
  • Shorten discovery-to-commercialization product cycles.
  • Reduce the time and cost of regulatory compliance.
  • Increase sales performance and revenues.
  • Better evaluate investment decisions, M&A.
  • Track & assess company, division, departmental, business
    unit and product performance.
  • Monitor costs, revenues, and profit impact.

Best of all, biotech executives can still interact with Qlik apps and information – even when their devices are disconnected from service.

The Qlik iOS app for iPhone and iPad supports a powerful disconnected mode that lets executives – or anyone else using the app – work with Qlik even when they are offline. The app pre-downloads all of the key figures and supporting data, so even if your CEO’s iPad has no service, she can still report on the company’s latest developments and continue to analyze all underlying data.

Customer Examples

From monitoring adverse event reports to trials regulatory reporting, to refining physician targeting, and sales messaging.


Qlik is used to monitor adverse event reports that come from various channels across the UK – including healthcare professionals and patients. With automated monitoring, Genzyme has vastly improved follow up reports. Employees use the application to better manage their workloads and maintain compliance with the company’s standard operating procedures for adverse event follow up.


Qlik is used in clinical settings to optimize reporting and data consolidation for trials and regulatory reporting. With Qlik, the company can more rapidly analyze and report on information from many different sources. The many new analytical capabilities assist in clarifying interrelationships, which would otherwise be difficult to discover in a timely manner.


Actavis uses Qlik in its business development activities, specializing in the delivery of medicines for the treatment of cardiovascular and neurological diseases, and also a wide range of OTC drugs. With Qlik, Actavis has been able to increase the reliability of information and increase planning efficiencies, reducing reporting time by 50% and reducing response time by 72%.

Forest Laboratories

Forest Laboratories increased their insight into physician behaviors by analyzing interactions with physicians and by comparing physician feedback on products with other market data. They can now continually refine physician targeting, segmentation, and sales messaging using Qlik and can quickly assimilate findings into e-detailing and closed-loop marketing messaging for the field.

FFF Enterprises

FFF Enterprises, a leading multidimensional healthcare company, uses Qlik to monitor trends, identify market opportunities, and assess market performance by product and customer. This enabled timely market execution and customer responsiveness through instant information access.

Merck Sharp & Dohme

With Qlik, Merck Sharp & Dohme has insight into all its relevant rules-based financial information, anytime. It can analyze product, inventory, pricing, and sales data in no time - all focused on driving corporate profitability. With Qlik Server, MSD easily supports security and visibility. 


Daiichi-Sankyo uses PharmaLytics, powered by Qlik, to understand the impact of discount levels and formulary restrictions on deal profitability and product performance. Contract negotiators can predict financial outcomes use enhanced modeling to improve deal profitability and targeting.


By rolling Qlik out to the field sales organization, GSK China has been able to perform detailed customer visits and competitive analyses while improving territory planning and management.

Support drug development

Support drug development and commercialization decisions by accessing, integrating and standardizing clinical trial data from internal and third-party sources.

Demonstrate drug safety

Demonstrate drug safety and efficacy and support value-based pricing by analyzing all relevant data — clinical, claims, consumer health, condition, and more.

Reduce costs

Reduce costs and expand market coverage by assessing potential M and A opportunities based on pipeline, therapeutic area focus, and R and D infrastructure.

Achieve regulatory compliance

Achieve regulatory compliance with transparent and auditable reporting of business practices, clinical operations, manufacturing processes, and more.


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