Domo, Inc is a cloud-based platform designed to provide direct, simplified, real-time access to business data for decision makers across the company with minimal IT involvement.

DOMO’s advantages

  • Mobile platform: Executives can run the business from their mobile phones, with data being accessible round the clock and teams staying connected always. The platform automatically updates user data and makes data accessible to every team member.
  • Data integration: The platform’s Business Cloud makes it possible to integrate data from any source—cloud CRM, Google Analytics, Email being a few of them—and convert it into live visualizations.
  • Ease of access: DOMO helps users have easy access to every bit of information necessary to make well-informed decisions, regardless of their technical expertise and knowledge.
  • Social: Users can directly connect their social media data—such as engagement rate, average engagement, impressions, to name a few—from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube to DOMO to understand their presence on social media.

What makes DOMO unique?

  • It’s a cloud-native platform: DOMO is the only cloud-native BI solution that combines Integrated Platform as a Service (iPaaS) for data integration, real-time visualizations and predictive insights.
  • Self-service: The platform allows business users to make their own decisions with its self-service BI, enabling them to filter, segment and analyze data. It’s not necessary to have the technical knowledge, which has been essential to using most previous analytics systems.

Data Visualization

At its core, data visualization is a tool that transforms data into actionable insight by using it to tell a story. Data-driven storytelling is a powerful force as it takes stats and metrics and puts them into context through a narrative that everyone inside or outside of an organization can grasp.

By asking what kind of story you want to tell with your data and what message you want to convey to your audience, designers will be able to choose the right data visualization tools for their project or initiative.

Understanding who your audience is will also help designers choose the right data visualization type. Designers should always put themselves in the user’s position. You may be aiming your data visualization efforts at a particular team within your organization, or you may be trying to communicate a set of trends or predictive insights to the risk management department. Designers should take the time to research their audience so that they can make a more informed decision on which data visualization chart types will make the most tangible connection with the users.



The FinTech industry is one of today's most robust industries right now and data is at the center of it. Domo provides financial services institutions deeper insights through fast data preparation and blending, easy-to-use analytics, and simple ways to share analytics with decision makers. Access and blend all your data, structured, unstructured, and semi-structured to get one unified picture of the customer.


Gaming analysts can utilize the Alteryx platform in a multitude of ways, including connecting to and cleansing data from their data warehouses, sending and receiving data sets from cloud applications, as well as gleaning information from spreadsheets or a whole host of other sources.


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