Adobe Marketing Cloud consists of eight tightly integrated solutions that offer marketers a complete set of marketing technologies that focus on analytics, web and app experience management, testing and targeting, advertising, audience management, video, social engagement and campaign orchestration, all on a single platform. 

Adobe Marketing Cloud is the marketer’s go-to solution for powerful digital customer experiences. The Marketing Cloud offers solutions for every industry, from casino, to retail, to travel and hospitality, media and sports betting. Adobe boast thousands of clients worldwide, including two thirds of Fortune 50 companies, who rely on Adobe Marketing Cloud with over 30.4 trillion transactions a year.

Alteryx is a business intelligence platform for data analysts that offers data mining and predictive analytics. It allows users to blend data from disparate sources, including Microsoft Excel, Hadoop, and Salesforce, with built-in drag-and-drop features to prepare raw data for analytics.

Alteryx Designer is a Windows software application that provides an intuitive drag-and-drop user interface for users to create repeatable workflow processes. Users can drag tools from a toolbox onto a canvas, connect them together, and edit their properties to create Alteryx workflows, apps, and macros. Users can use these workflows to blend and enrich data from a range of sources, perform advanced analytics, and quickly produce results that can be easily shared with others.

Domo, Inc is a cloud-based platform designed to provide direct, simplified, real-time access to business data for decision-makers across the company with minimal IT involvement.

With DOMO, executives can run their entire business from their mobile phones, with data being accessible round the clock and teams staying connected always. The platform automatically updates user data and makes data accessible to every team member. The platform’s Business Cloud makes it possible to integrate data from any source—cloud CRM, Google Analytics, Email being a few of them—and convert it into live visualizations.

The new Hitachi Vantara aims to become the world’s preferred digital innovation partner by unlocking the “good” in data that benefits customers, raises the quality of people's lives and builds a sustainable society. Hitachi Vantara will specifically bring a competitive edge to the digital domains that matter most – the data center, data operations and enterprise digital transformation.

ITRS Group’s technology establishes and maintains operational resilience for businesses operating in demanding environments where technology failure means business failure. By transforming the mass of raw data into meaningful information, ITRS helps enterprises run their IT estates intelligently, prevent outages and maximise efficiency. With over 20 years of experience serving enterprise clients across industry markets, 800 clients worldwide rely on ITRS for their estate monitoring, capacity planning, IT analytics and load testing.

Pega delivers innovative software that crushes business complexity. From maximizing customer lifetime value to streamlining service to boosting efficiency, we help the world’s leading brands solve problems fast and transform for tomorrow. Pega clients make better decisions and get work done with real-time AI and intelligent automation. And, since 1983, we’ve built our scalable architecture and low-code platform to stay ahead of rapid change. Our solutions save people time, so our clients’ employees and customers can get back to what matters most.


According to Gartner, "Qlik is a Leader in this Magic Quadrant. It has a strong product vision around augmented analytics and closed-loop decision-making. Qlik’s lead product, Qlik Sense, leverages its Associative Engine along with its Cognitive Engine to deliver self-service analytics and context-aware insights and suggestions to analysts and consumers alike."

In 2021, Qlik acquired NodeGraph and Big Squid, and introduced Qlik Forts this year, allowing customers to push down Qlik Sense SaaS capabilities wherever their data resides. It also launched Qlik Application Automation, a no-code solution that allows users to automate tasks and data workflows. 

SAS is a statistical software suite developed by SAS Institute for data management, advanced analytics, multivariate analysis, business intelligence, criminal investigation, and predictive analytics.

TIBCO Software Inc., a global leader in enterprise data, empowers its customers to connect, unify, and confidently predict business outcomes, solving the world's most complex data-driven challenges.

TIBCO® Data Science and TIBCO Spotfire® continue to be top competitors in the market, providing customers with real-time, augmented visual analytics and deep data science capabilities. AI and machine learning capabilities are core foundations across all TIBCO offerings in the TIBCO® Connected Intelligence platform, including the IoT-centric Project Flogo®. From full-edge integration to the execution of deep-learning models on devices or in AI-infused BI dashboards, businesses are turning to TIBCO to collect data from anywhere, derive and automate insight and actions, and drive success through digital transformation.


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