"It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data."
~ Sherlock Holmes

Data Integration

Intelligencia offers a variety of services to assist clients in integrating and managing their data effectively. We have helped casinos, insurance companies, clothing manufacturers, cruise lines, sportsbooks, social gaming companies, healthcare providers, and retailers integrate their data to better understand their operation. We have helped businesses create singular customer views of their patron databases, used analytics to provide deep customer information, and helped multinational corporations integrate their data to gain real-time insight. We can help you understand the radically changing data landscape as well as show you how open source tools could augment or even replace parts of your current DI infrastructure for healthy ROI returns.


Our Services

DI Strategy Development

Assisting clients in developing a comprehensive data integration strategy that aligns with their business goals and ensures seamless data flow and access.

ETL Processes

Implementing Extract, Transform, Load) Processes (ETL) processes to extract data from multiple sources, transform it into a usable format, and load it into a target system for analysis and reporting.

Data Quality Management

Helping clients ensure data accuracy, consistency, and reliability by defining data quality rules, monitoring data quality, and resolving data value conflicts.

Data Migration Services

Supporting clients in migrating data from existing platforms to new platforms, whether on-premise or in the cloud, while ensuring data integrity and security.

Data Cataloging

Assisting clients in cataloging and organizing data scattered across the organization, managing data quality, and ensuring data governance and compliance.

Metadata Management

Developing metadata management plans to improve standardization, reuse data assets, and create an ecosystem that enhances data interoperability and accessibility.


Intellligencia is a Hong Kong- and Macau-based software consulting company that works specifically in the hospitality, gaming, fintech, esports, manufacturing, retail, sports betting, and travel industries. Although located in Asia, we work with clients as far away as North America, Mexico, India, Armenia, Australia, and the Philippines.


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