Intelligencia can help businesses implement complex AI + ML solutions from the ground up. Understand your data in ways that simplify your AI + ML initiatives.

Our consultants assist in defining your corporate AI vision, goals, and roadmap, aligning AI initiatives with organizational objectives, and measuring AI's impact on the organization, including the overall return on investment (ROI).


Today's analytics tools include data blending, associative engines, and in-memory technology that allows business users to access complete data sets at the touch of a button.

A customer segmentation model provides a view of the company from a customer perspective: such models have many and varied applications. Customers are segmented according to what they present to the company.


BI provides historical, current, and predictive views of the business operations and turns raw data into actionable insights, providing users with detailed intelligence about a business.

We help clients define their BI strategy, assess needs, document goals and objectives, and create an action plan to leverage their data effectively.


Intelligencia offers a wide variety of services to assist our clients in leveraging cloud technologies effectively. Some of the services provided by these companies include:

We help our clients define their cloud strategy, assess cloud readiness, design cloud architecture, and develop a roadmap for cloud adoption.


Customer Intelligence solutions include aspects of CRM, loyalty, multi-channel marketing, and even social media. CX can include a lot of elements, but it really boils down to the perception the customer has of your brand.

We assist clients in developing a comprehensive customer experience strategy that aligns with their business goals and enhances customer satisfaction.


The goal of DI is to extract data from operational systems, transform it, merge it into new datasets, and then deliver it to an integrated data structure built for marketing, analytics, loyalty, and/or social purposes.

Assisting clients in developing a comprehensive data integration strategy that aligns with their business goals and ensures seamless data flow and access.

Gen AI

The newest and latest buzzowrd in AI, Generative AI is a powerful but highly misunderstood tool. We help companies develop strategies to integrate generative AI into their operations.

We assist clients in defining their AI strategy, identifying use cases, and creating a roadmap for AI implementation tailored to their specific needs.


Digital marketing allows users to rapidly create, modify and manage multi-channel, multi-wave marketing campaigns that integrate easily with any fulfillment channel, automatically producing outbound and inbound communication history.

Crafting detailed and actionable digital marketing strategies based on the client's business objectives, target audience analysis, and competitive landscape assessment.


Intellligencia is a Hong Kong- and Macau-based software consulting company that works specifically in the hospitality, gaming, fintech, esports, manufacturing, retail, sports betting, and travel industries. Although located in Asia, we work with clients as far away as North America, Mexico, India, Armenia, Australia, and the Philippines.


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