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Social media is about building a relationship with an audience and starting a two-way dialogue between a company and its customers. It's a way to showcase a company’s knowledge and expertise. A social media marketing initiative should have the following objectives:

  • Lead generation
  • Retain current customers
  • Create customer service channels
  • Increase the value of existing customer relationships
  • Project thought leadership
  • Relationship building
  • Community creation
  • Spot market opportunities
  • Improve website SEO
  • Add social media interactivity to a website
“When you say it, it’s marketing. When they say it, it’s social proof.”
Andy Crestodina


Intelligencia can help customers push content into the six different avenues that should be exploited by brands, including:


A corporate blog filled with information about the company as well as patent wins and upcoming products and services.

Branded Social Networks

These are customized platforms for interacting with consumers. They often include a fusion of applications, such as discussion forums or wikis.

Innovation Hubs

These are unique platforms provided by brands for users to post their ideas to the company.


Brand-owned micro-blogging websites are normally used for data collection (i.e., a Twitter account that is used to track Tweets and mentions), but these can also be used to inform customer and potential customer about products and services.

Content Aggregation Sites

Websites where users share media content with other users. They are Websites such as Instagram, YouTube, and Slideshare and they often include brand-sponsored “channels” through which the brand distributes media content and allows users to engage with and comment upon the content.

External Social Sites

While some brands choose to create their own community websites, others just have a presence on an external social networking site, thereby taking advantage of the network’s built-in platform and audience.


Intelligencia will set up social media channels on 5-10 different social media channels and reply to user posts within 48 hours, in English. Intelligencia will help the client to understand their current social media footprint, utilizing listening and marketing tools that quantify how well the brand is being perceived in social media. 


Along with listening, Intelligencia will help the clients find and join communities where their customers and potential customers might congregate. Listening can occur on a multitude of sites, including collaborative projects sites, content communities social networks, and blogs. Intelligentsia will devise a social media marketing plan to best utilize the right content for the right channels.


Along with listening and joining communities, Intelligencia will help the client participate in these communities. Harvesting customer feedback is important for companies to understand how their brand is being perceived in social media and beyond. Intelligencia will help the client develop marketing and customer service channels that can help companies connect directly with their customers and potential customers.

Creating + Copywriting

Along with listening, joining, participating in communities, and creating content, Intelligencia will help AMT create content that keeps community members interested and engaged and also will aimed at peers in the manufacturing community. Intelligencia will work with the company's executives to help create content that can be submitted to peer-reviewed journals as well as important social and PR channels. Intelligencia will help position its client as a leader in their industry. Intelligencia will work to create magazine content for online channels like Issuu, Scribd, etc, as well as for trade journals. 


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