Choice Modeling 

Based on sound economic principles, choice modeling assumes people make choice decisions by evaluating the utility available from each alternative and choosing the one with the highest utility. 

Choice modeling is useful in the following ways:

  • Analyze price sensitivity
  • Bundle product and service features
  • Optimize brand strategy
  • Improve product-line planning
  • Maximize media advertising effectiveness
  • Improve promotional offers
  • Optimize advertising messages

"Technology has changed marketing and market research into something less like golf and more like a multi-player first-person-shooter game. Crouched behind a hut, the stealthy marketers, dressed in business-casual camouflage, assess their weapons for sending outbound messages. Email campaigns, events, blogging, tweeting, PR, ebooks, white papers, apps, banner ads, Google Ad Words, social media outreach, search engine optimization. The brave marketers rise up and blast away, using weapons not to kill consumers but to attract them to their sites, to their offers, to their communities. If the weapons work, you get incoming traffic."

Dan Woods

Industry Examples

Choice Modelling is used by:

  • Financial institutions such as CBA and Wespac to model customer valuation of price variables such as interest rates, fees, and rewards.
  • Advertising agencies for concept testing, new product development, and brand equity tracking.
  • Healthcare including BUPA and RTA to understand how people value aspects of personal health and healthcare options for insurance packages and policy decisions.
  • Construction for CSR and Hebel to develop pricing strategies for commodity building products for CSR and Hebel. Experiments covered pricing, product benefits, after-sales service, and warranties allowing the user to price products competitively against alternatives.
  • Fast food companies including McDonald’s, Subway, and CocaCola to explore the myriad combinations of fast food ingredients, drinks, special offers, price, promotional messages, and delivery to develop optimal bundled orders.
  • Fast Moving Consumer Goods like Burgen to explore the billions of possible pricing and packaging configurations of new FMCG product variants.



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