“Business has only two functions - marketing and innovation.”
~ Milan Kundera

Digital Marketing

Inbound Marketing

Creating content, repackaging existing content, building landing pages, and creating email nurturing campaigns to generate leads, gain visibility, convert leads to sales, and reduce customer churn.

Marketing Automation

Implementing marketing automation platforms to streamline marketing processes and improve efficiency.

Digital Communications

Developing and implementing digital communication strategies to engage with customers and prospects.

Email Marketing

Developing and implementing email marketing campaigns to engage with customers and prospects.

Customer Analytics

Analyzing customer data to gain insights into customer behavior to improve marketing strategies.

Social Media Marketing

Developing and implementing social media marketing strategies to engage with customers and prospects.


Data visualization can help identify trends in marketing data by visually representing patterns, anomalies, and changes over time, enabling marketers to gain insights, make informed decisions, and communicate findings effectively.

Customer Segmentation

Customer Segmentation

Market Basket Analysis

Market Basket Analysis

Patron Card Tier Performance

Patron Card Tier Performance

Win-loss by Customer Segment

Win-loss by Customer Segment

Win-loss by Segment & Bet Type

Win-loss by Segment & Bet Type

Customer Location

Customer Location

Our Services

We help our clients find the right marketing tools and technology to make them more effective, productive, and profitable. Some of the marketing services we provide:

Strategy Development

We help our clients define their BI strategy, assess needs, document goals and objectives, and create an action plan to leverage data effectively.

Data Acquisition & Integration

Acquiring and connecting data from various sources, validating, cleansing, and developing data management processes to ensure data accuracy and reliability.

Dashboard Development

Creating interactive dashboards, self-service BI tools, and data visualization reports to help clients identify key performance indicators, trends, and insights for better decision-making.


Offering analytics solutions, predictive analysis, data mining, machine learning, and other advanced analytics services to extract valuable insights from data.


Providing ongoing education and training to clients to ensure sustainable results and empower them to utilize business intelligence tools effectively.

End User Adoption Audits

Conducting audits to assess how end users are utilizing available tools, creating plans to increase usage, and ensuring that clients get the most out of their investment in their BI solutions.


Intellligencia is a Hong Kong- and Macau-based software consulting company that works specifically in the hospitality, gaming, fintech, esports, manufacturing, retail, sports betting, and travel industries. Although located in Asia, we work with clients as far away as North America, Mexico, India, Armenia, Australia, and the Philippines.


Address: 505 Hennessy Road, #613, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Phone: +852 5196 1277