ITRS Group’s technology establishes and maintains operational resilience for businesses operating in demanding environments where technology failure means business failure. By transforming the mass of raw data into meaningful information, ITRS helps enterprises run their IT estates intelligently, prevent outages and maximise efficiency. With over 20 years’ experience serving enterprise clients across industry markets, 800 clients worldwide rely on ITRS for their estate monitoring, capacity planning, IT analytics and load testing. 

Synthetic Monitoring

ITRS Synthetic Monitoring provides organisations with the ability to monitor group websites, applications and APIs and from across the globe and delivers teams visibility into the performance and availability of their most critical systems. By ensuring applications are always up and running smoothly, business leaders and IT and development teams can mitigate risk while ensuring an optimal user experience.

Geneos / OP5 Monitor

Use just one product within your IT environments to monitor applications, networks, servers and storage, regardless of location, whether that’s on-premise, hybrid or in a private/public cloud. Benefits include: predicting, detecting, and addressing issues before services are impacted; shortening your mean time to repair; getting detailed alarm notifications; becoming proactive in your IT management; improving production stability; and, above all, saving costs.

Log Analytics

ITRS Log Analytics is built on widely used open source technology and boosted with extra functionality such as enhanced security, alerting and intelligence to quickly and easily identify and resolve problems in all IT environments. It has seamless integration with OP5 Monitor and can scale to adapt to infrastructure and operations of any size and almost any industry.

Capacity Planner

Today, IT departments across divisions within a company are being asked to make efficiency gains and spend less in their department, year-over-year. Capacity planning systems have seen an increase in popularity by IT staff due to their increasing financial benefits. ITRS Capacity Planner was created to ensure businesses have enough resources to maintain up-time, all the time, while helping them meet their financial, as well as operational, goals. 


Our experienced Qlik consultants can implement complex data integration, data blending, and analytics solutions. Our Qlik experts can show you how to augment your legacy data environment to add powerful data blending, cloud integration, and in-memory elements that will immediately be recognized by your customers. Our experience includes working with some of the world's biggest casinos, sports books, lottery companies, and cruise lines; companies that know success in such cut-throat industries requires customer service that is second to none.


Intelligencia's consultants can help you get your data house in order, then work with your team to build the models or we can build them alone, then deploy and maintain them on your system or ours. 


We are here to help you navigate the complex world of analytics, AI, BI, CX, Cloud, DI, digital marketing, and social media implementations, showing you how open source technology can, potentially, augment your current software footprint and reduce cost. We understand ROI is king, above all else.


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