Casino Data Imaging, founded in 2001, provides industry-leading interactive visualization and analysis solutions that help casino management users gain critical insight from all types of data. CDI technology speaks directly to our ability to provide high performance solutions that are reliable, cost effective and easy to deploy.

GlobalSuite's 2D/3D casino floor view component delivers realistic perspectives of the gaming layout for slots, tables and player activity. Quickly find out "What's Hot" and "What's Not" using GSTMperformance color coding with drill down tools, text information and more. 

GlobalSuiteTM Slot Module brings data to life within the 3 core components of the application. Slot data is cubed and consumed by the Application Control Center, Graphical Floor View and Reporting Analysis providing end users a 360 degree look at performance allowing for timely strategic floor decisions. 

GlobalSuiteTM Player Module ties player data information to specific slots and table games for interactive dashboards, reports, and graphical floor view analysis. Features such as "point and click" for who plays a specific device, player profile queries, game preferences and session histories (with exports) can be accessed from the visual floor view.

GlobalSuiteTM Table Module consumes information from your table games system providing many of the powerful features available in the slot module including interactive dashboards, floor view mouseover displays, financial color coding, text information displays, queries, exports, report libraries and more.



Global Suite

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