Alteryx can help life sciences companies gain deeper insights by providing line-of-business analysts in R and D, sales, marketing, and regulatory affairs the ability to blend and analyze data themselves, without any coding or IT dependence. Expiring patents, increasing drug-development costs, outcome-based reimbursement models, and more stringent regulations are all driving life sciences companies to reassess their business models and rethink their approaches to R&D, pricing, and sales and marketing. Pharma and biotech executives looking for ways to reduce costs, improve efficiency, increase ROI, and mitigate risks are leaning on already overwhelmed IT departments for faster, more reliable evidence-based insights. 

Alteryx’s emphasis on making data science accessible to citizen data scientists and others across the end-to-end analytic pipeline is resonating in the market. Its approach provides a natural extension for a client base focused on data preparation but ready to take the next step into data science.

An example of Alteryx's growth in the life sciences industry is that of Novo Nordisk, which went from zero users to hundreds of users in three years. Their journey is described in the slideshare below:

For the biotech and pharmaceuticals industry, Intelligencia has built a set of almost plug-and-play solutions that can simplify a multitude of business challenges, including, but not limited to, the following:

Natural Language Processing

Natural language refers to language that is spoken and written by people, and natural language processing (NLP) attempts to extract information from the spoken and written word using algorithms. NLP encompasses active and passive modes: natural language generation (NLG), or the ability to formulate phrases that humans might emit, and natural language understanding (NLU), or the ability to build a comprehension of a phrase, what the words in the phrase refer to, and its intent. One of the major use cases for AI is sentiment analysis, which uses NLP to gain insight into how a business is seen on social media. For biotech and life sciences companies, NLP can help them understand what customers are saying about their company, their produces and their competitor's products. Managers can use these insights to increase customer intelligence and customer service. Intelligencia has built an Alteryx-based NLP solution for retailers utilizing Python that can be used as a powerful social media listening tool. 


Alteryx Workflow