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Harvest customer feedback

Adding social media to a static Website can turn a site into a highly interactive destination that allows interested users and/or customers to actually become a participant in the marketing of the site. Adding “Like” buttons makes it easy for users to share content; sites such as WeChat, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouKu, and YouTube are some of the more well known and highly understood social networks and are good places to start. More recent platforms such as Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, Vimeo, Instagram and LinkedIn can also be used to spread your message far and wide. Obviously, the Chinese websites like WeChat, Weibo, RenRen, etc., should be included too.

Social sign-in (AKA social bridging) is a great way to increase interactivity as well as gain data about the people visiting a company'’s website. Social sign-ins streamline a website's registration process, making it very easy for people to share their social information in exchange for, say, a website offer. When a member signs up with his or her preferred social site, it makes it simple for them to share a company's Website pages with others. Companies can even create permission-based social sharing promotions. For example, a company can create a status update for its members to share with the mere click of a button.

For marketers, most social sign-ins provide businesses with permission to access data from their social sites. This information can be used to create and deliver more highly relevant content, send targeted email campaigns and even deepen connections with socially influential customers.