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Campaign management

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Campaign management

Campaign Management is designed for the business user to define and manage campaigns with minimum resources. The campaign manager is guided through the process with checkpoints to ensure all information is accurately captured. All components are designed with re-use in mind to enable campaigns to be built from building blocks rather than built from scratch. This results in:

  • Faster development times of campaigns
  • Guaranteed compliance and  consistency with the use of templates and global suppressions
  • The ability to manage more campaigns, resulting in more relevant highly targeted customer communications
  • Faster test and learn cycles- with control groups and A/B testing

A Campaign Management solution enables businesses to:

  • Develop and manage personalised customer communication strategies and delivery of offers
  • Allow users to rapidly create, modify and manage multi-channel, multi-wave marketing campaigns that integrate easily with any fulfilment channel automatically producing outbound and inbound communication history

Define target segments, prioritise offers across multiple campaigns and channels, select communication channels, schedule and execute campaigns