Customer segmentation

A customer segmentation model provides a view of the casino from a customer perspective: such models have many and varied applications. Customers are segmented according to what they present to the casino. Views include:

  1. Game preference
  2. Day of week
  3. Time of day
  4. Length of session
  5. Size of stake

Generally, the data is used to determine the appropriate segments for these views. However, the casino has the ability to select the intervals that are preferential and relevant to their venue. For example, it may be desired to split time of day into three, eight-hour periods or six, four-hour periods.

The results of this analysis presents a detailed view of how the casino is populated at different times and can allow for appropriate strategic decisions to be made. These decisions could be a function of marketing, operations, or strategy. The output is also used for the building of acquisition models as discussed below.

Other potential for analysis would be a master segmentation model that uses the preference results described. Customers are clustered based on their preferences to gain a global view of the casino that is concise and understandable. Furthermore, such models can help measure the impact of strategic decisions, e.g. the addition or removal of a game can be measured against how particular metrics are affected.