Customer conversion model

The Customer Conversion model can be used to score customers based on information contained in the casino’s source systems as it would only be applicable for customers who had pre-booked their room (as opposed to walk-in customers). Historical information would be extracted from the casino’s IT systems around desirable customers. This would include spending patterns and profitability.nTo identify the relationships that may exist between how the customer comes to the casino and his or her desirability metric, information would be extracted from the casino’s source systems. For a casino, this would include information such as source of betting, channel of betting, lead-time for betting and the incentives offered to attract the customer. Basically, anything that can be attributed to the initial transaction the customer has with the casino would be used as a potential input.

These models might also have to be stratified by itinerary to identify the most relevant relationships. The major advantage of a predictive model with this intention would be that it allows the casino to identify customers that they need to interact with once they step onto the casino floor. This would give the casino hosts the potential to get the required information they need to successfully foster a strong and lasting customer relationship.

Furthermore, if every potential customer has a score associated with him or her as to his or her long-term likelihood of being attractive, the casino can further hone in on its customers by monitoring their behavior once they are on the casino floor. It is imperative that the casino interact with desirable customers before they have left the property. If customers are made to feel like they are valuable and worthwhile, the likelihood of them returning under their own volition significantly increases. a baseline for customer ROI get also be set at this time, something that can help with marketing expense as the relationship grows.