Intelligencia doesn't try to work in any and every industry, we've decided to become experts in a few. We believe hardware, software, and digital solutions only work well when they are customized to a particular industry, so we've chosen to focus only a few, including the following: 

Check out our work in the above areas or contact us to see how we can help you. If you're not in one of these industries, please still feel free to reach out to us as we might be able to take what we've learned from another arena and customize it to yours. 

RFM model

RFM is a method used for analyzing customer value. It is commonly used in database marketing and direct marketing and has received particular attention in the casino and retail industries. RFM stands for:

  1. Recency—How recently did the customer purchase?
  2. Frequency—How often do they purchase?
  3. Monetary Value—How much do they spend?
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Propensity to respond model

A Propensity to Response model is the theoretical probability that a sampled person (or unit) will become a respondent in an offer or survey. They are especially useful in the marketing field. A response likelihood model can have substantial cost savings as it can lead to lower mailing costs by identifying patrons who are very unlikely to respond to a particular offer. After segmenting these people out, the casino can then focus on only those most likely to take up the offer. A casino can identify the likelihood of response from all eligible patrons. After that, it can identify the most valuable patrons that are most likely to respond. This allows the casino to estimate the expected response from the most valuable patrons and eliminate mailing(s) to the patrons that are of lower worth and/or are unlikely to respond.

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Optimizing offers

In addition to predicting the future worth of patrons, it is important to know which marketing campaigns are the most effective for driving response, revenue, and profit. In general, certain offers are better than others, and specifically certain offers will be better for certain patrons.

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Customer segmentation

A customer segmentation model provides a view of the casino from a customer perspective: such models have many and varied applications. Customers are segmented according to what they present to the casino. Views include:

  1. Game preference
  2. Day of week
  3. Time of day
  4. Length of session
  5. Size of stake
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