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Online video analytics

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Online video analytics

Online video streaming is becoming an increasingly popular service in the home, delivered to a variety of different devices. As a result, it is important for operators to use online video analytics to measure subscriber video QoE and provide effective support for streaming video services. Online video analytics acquires data from a variety of different data sources, including streaming video player plug-ins, network QoE agents, and video CDN data.

A video player plug-in is software that is added to the subscriber’s video player(s), and it continuously and passively measures the subscriber viewing experience, reporting events that are used for QoE scoring and dashboard creation. The software can be added to the video player(s) in PCs, smartphones, tablets, and other Internet-connected devices

Network QoE agents are software clients that are installed on standard hardware, and deployed in the operator’s network. These QoE agents behave like virtual end-users, and they actively measure content availability and quality. Video CDN log files provide data about CDN performance, content usage, and trends that can be cross-correlated with other QoE data.