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Home network operation

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Home network operation

Scalable data collection and real-time streaming analytics allows operators to collect and store any data, as often as they need. Sensors and streaming video QoE clients can be used to collect data from devices, and data is collected about network operations, services, and call centers interactions using, for example, CSV files, logs, CDRs, and SFTP.

Massive parallel processing and storage uses Hadoop for big data storage and batch processing, Cassandra for real-time data analytics (for example, for real-time customer support), and relational database for data storage for reports and dashboard tools. Data retrieval and processing that is built on top of Hadoop, and is used for data querying and analysis—using data processing frameworks and tools, such as Hive, MapReduce, and SQOOP.

Analytics engine and business intelligence consolidates, correlates, and analyzes data for automated actions or human interpretation. This includes filtering and normalization of raw data, and mapping of the data to particular KPIs and use case templates. Domain-specific analytics solutions allow operators to organize the resulting analytics events and alerts into particular business needs, such as home device analytics, online video analytics, or security analytics.

Home device and home network analytics allows operators to collect device and home network data, and use the resulting intelligence to proactively discover, diagnose, and resolve issues. Online video analytics combines data from video player plug-ins, CDNs and QoE agents to measure subscriber QoE, and assess viewing trends, content usage, and CDN performance. Security analytics helps to establish and maintain a safe home network environment by providing network-based analysis of Internet traffic for malware and protecting the network and subscribers. Care analytics leverages the wealth of intelligence embedded within customer care sessions and their associated workflow steps to create more efficient customer care processes.

Through the use of analytics, operators can: 

  • Quickly identify anomalies, implement improvement programs, and understand customer behavior.
  • Create and maintain a culture of customer experience (CX) excellence that is aligned with CX business goals and metrics around Net Promoter Score (NPS), customer satisfaction, churn reduction, brand loyalty, and subscriber ARPU.
  • Manage the subscriber experience proactively and predictively.
  • Continuously improve customer care processes and technologies.