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The connected home is becoming a very complex environment, requiring enhanced focus on knowledge gathering, data collection, and measurement in order to ensure customer satisfaction, competitive differentiation, brand loyalty, end-to-end support infrastructure efficiency, and continued subscriber ARPU growth.

Optimizing the customer experience in the connected home requires operators to embrace the use of analytics in order to:

  • Quickly identify anomalies, implement improvement programs, and understand customer behavior
  • Create and maintain a culture of customer experience (CX) excellence that is aligned with CX business goals and metrics around Net Promoter Score (NPS), customer satisfaction, churn reduction, brand loyalty, and subscriber ARPU
  • Manage the subscriber experience proactively and predictively, and
  • Continuously improve customer care processes and technologies

Areas in which analytics can be used by operators for managing the connected home will continue to evolve, but we have seen operators have a significant impact on improving the customer experience today by taking advantage of home device and home network analytics, online video analytics, Internet security analytics, and customer care analytics.