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Surprise and delight your fans with targeted campaigns based on up-to-date insights. Evolve your marketing strategies as your fans’ buying and engagement behaviors evolve. Contact fans when and how they prefer to be contacted – so your communications are welcome and relevant. Intelligencia can show you how to:

  • Work more efficiently. By setting up, automating and tracking activities, your sales and marketing teams engage with fans in the most effective ways possible.
  • Optimize campaigns and channels. Fan interactions – including multichannel, multiwaved campaigns –  become more personal and more profitable when you automatically track each campaign element.
  • Easily analyze campaign data. Deploying integrated analytics within the campaign segmentation flow helps you keep campaigns timely and productive.


Predictive analytics is the use of statistics, machine learning, data mining, and modeling to analyze current and historical facts to make predictions about future events. Said another way, it gives mere mortals the ability to predict the future like Nostradamus. In recent years, data-mining has become one of the most valuable tools for extracting and manipulating data and for establishing patterns in order to produce useful information for decision-making.

Business Intelligence

With a deep understanding of the available BI tools and the current BI landscape, Intelligencia's can help its clients create BI and data visualization solutions that will provide a healthy ROI. This comprehensive suite of BI tools provide innumerable business insights from a single dashboard for faster and more informed decision making. It optimizes performance and provides end-to-end analytical activity for better comprehension.

Data Integration

One of a businesses' most important asset is its data, which can reside in isolated systems, your business managers aren’t staying informed. Missing opportunities just because of inconsistencies in information can cost you your competitive edge. But thankfully, integration of disparate systems doesn’t have to be a headache when you’ve got knowledgeable consultants to rely on.

Marketing Automation

Intelligencia offers various marketing automation consulting and expert services for solutions such as SAS Marketing, and the Adobe Marketing Cloud. We specialize in the operations of these tools and monitor latest best practices in order to make everything run smoothly for your organization.

Intelligencia works with clients to develop demand generation strategies, as well as executing existing marketing strategies based on your marketing technology. From selecting the right solution, implementation and integration to managing marketing automation operations, our clients trust us every step of the way.

Social Media Listening

Taking advantage of the many opportunities presented by social media requires rigor and creativity. To build engaged communities that create value for your company, Adviso’s specialists rely on a true process of innovation to effectively identify the channels and tactics that will resonate best with your intended audience. What content should go out on which platform? How can you drive your community to interact with your brand? How can you ensure the credibility of your content? How can you find the balance between your organic and paid efforts?

Social Media Marketing

Listen, join, participate and create—these are the four steps of social media marketing.

Listening is the most important step. People online are frequently mentioning and making comments about a company and its products, so all one has to do is listen. Even if a casino operator does not choose to participate in the discussion itself, it will discover valuable information about the company by just listening.

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