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Healthcare Social Media Services

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Healthcare Social Media Services

Social listening is the process of understanding the online conversation about a company or brand, as well as its products and services. 

Social listening tools can help companies gather and analyze customer data from a variety of social media and online review platforms.

Why is social listening so important? 

The volume of information exchanged in real-time on social media is immense, making these channels a rich source of customer insights and competitive intelligence. Understanding this information and making it actionable is essential to delivering a consistent, satisfying customer experience.

An effective social listening strategy looks beyond topics and themes and detects customer sentiment. It’s not enough to know what customers are talking about– you need to understand how they feel. And for a complete view of customer sentiment, combine social data with feedback from other channels.



Intelligencia will set up social media channels on ten different social media channels and reply to user posts within 24 hours, in English as well as Simplified and Traditional Chinese. Intelligencia will help clients to understand their current social media footprint, utilizing tools that quantify how well the brand is being perceived in social media. 



Starting @ USD $500/month 


JoiningAlong with listening, Intelligencia will help clients find and join communities where their customers and potential customers might congregate, including Asian and Chinese sites. Listening can occur on a multitude of sites, including collaborative projects, social networks, blogs, and even virtual social worlds. Intelligentsia will devise a social media marketing plan to best utilize the right content for the right channels.



Starting @ USD $750/month  


CameraAlong with listening and joining communities, Intelligencia will help clients participate in these communities. Harvesting customer feedback is important for companies to understand how their brand is being perceived in social media and beyond. Intelligencia will help the client develop marketing and customer services channels that can help companies connect directly with their customers and potential customers. Intelligencia will help clients build a social media crisis management plan so that will help any problems that might arise with the company's brand.


Starting @ USD $1,000/month


typewriterAlong with listening, joining and participating in communities, Intelligencia will help clients create content that keeps community members interested and engaged. Intelligencia executives will work with the client to devise and implement a social media marketing and listening plan that utilizes the most up-to-date channels and technologies, including implementing real-time data feeds that helps with brand SEO.



Starting @ USD $2,500/month