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Social media in healthcare

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Social media in healthcare

Social media refers to online resources that people use to share content. This content can include images, photos, videos, text messages, pins, opinions and ideas, insights, humor, gossip, and news of almost any kind. Drury’s list of social media includes the following:

Blogs, vlogs, social networks, message boards, podcasts, public bookmarking and wikis. Popular examples of social media applications include Flickr (online photosharing); Wikipedia (reference); Bebo, Facebook and MySpace (networking); (bookmarking) and World of Warcraft (online gaming).

Unlike traditional marketing models that are nothing more than one-way delivery systems from a company to its consumers, social media is about building a relationship with an audience and starting a two-way dialogue between a company and its consumers. In this new environment, marketing becomes a multi-dimensional discipline that is about receiving and exchanging perceptions and ideas. With his relationship comes both loyalty and deeper understanding of customer interactions and potential interactions so that a healthcare company can gain actionable intelligence that allows it to become more predictive as well as provide a better customer experience. Social media is also about showcasing company expertise and building a channel to connect with industry experts and social influencers.

Social media’s goals:

  • Social media is all about adding value to communities of customers and prospects by providing interesting content.
  • Capture a customer’s social IDs to get a sense of who they are.
  • Use Facebook likes to gain a psychological profile.

For a business in the healthcare sector, social media can be used in the following ways:

  • Add interactivity to a Website
  • Brand and Anti-Brand management
  • Brand loyalty enhancement
  • Build fanbases
  • Connect with social influencers
  • Crisis management
  • Develop a virtual social world presence
  • Discover important brand trends
  • Engage customers and potential customers
  • Harvest customer feedback
  • Market to consumers
  • Reputation management
  • Social Shopping