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“e-Sports” is a term for organized multiplayer video game competitions, particularly between professional players. Common games seen in e-Sports competitions include real-time strategy, fighting, first person shooter and multiplayer online battle arena. Big tournaments such as League of Legends World Championships or Evolution Champion Series (EVO) provide both live broadcasts (streaming online) of the competitions and cash prizes to competitors, some in the millions of (US) dollars.

e-Sports are no different to other sports that we are used to seeing and playing. They require training, teamwork (good coordination and mindset) and, depending on the type of game, different skillsets are required. However, overall, a skilled e-Sportsman has to have a strong brain to seriously multitask, and these tasks are usually measured by Actions Per Minute (APM), which refers to the total number of actions that a player can perform in a minute. For those who have had the chance to observe a professional eSports player in action, it is comparable to an active financial trader at a top investment bank; One of a hundred decisions has to be made in seconds, and an incorrect action can cost the lives of player’s avatar and, literally, over a million dollars in prize money.

Although organized competitions or game competitions in general have long been a part of the video game culture, there was an increase in popularity since late 2000s. While competitions around 2000s were largely between amateurs, nowadays competitions are all turning into professional level due to the growing number of players and viewers (online and offline). Over 40,000 people filled a stadium in South Korea to watch the finals of 2014 League of Legends tournament. In fact, sports books worldwide now offer gambling on eSports. More betting options, in addition to traditional sports, are available online with live streams of eSports competitions.