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Intelligencia’s work in the cruise line industry includes work with some of the largest cruise organizations in the world, including Genting Hong Kong and Star Cruises. Intelligencia has implemented such system as Qlik and SAS on cruise lines throughout Asia. Today, cruise lines have almost beginning floating casinos and Intelligencia can help cruise lines in the following ways:

Social Media Listening

Taking advantage of the many opportunities presented by social media requires rigor and creativity. To build engaged communities that create value for your company, Adviso’s specialists rely on a true process of innovation to effectively identify the channels and tactics that will resonate best with your intended audience. What content should go out on which platform? How can you drive your community to interact with your brand? How can you ensure the credibility of your content? How can you find the balance between your organic and paid efforts?

Social Media Marketing

listen, join, participate and create—these are the four steps of social media marketing.

Listening is the most important step. People online are frequently mentioning and making comments about a company and its products, so all one has to do is listen. Even if a casino operator does not choose to participate in the discussion itself, it will discover valuable information about the company by just listening.

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