Business Intelligence

With a deep understanding of the available BI tools and the current BI landscape, Intelligencia's can help its clients create BI and data visualization solutions that will . This comprehensive suite of BI tools provide innumerable business insights from a single dashboard for faster and more informed decision making. It optimizes performance and provides end-to-end analytical activity for better comprehension.

Intelligencia's can help its client make sense of the data visualization tools on the market, solutions like Qlik, Tableau, SAS VA, Spotfire, and Microsoft Power BI, along with casino specific tools  like CDI. With competent, trained and certified BI Professionals coupled with a Centre of Excellence (DW/BI CoE), Intelligencia has delivered success stories across multiple domains like casino and hospitality, cruise lines, sports books, retail and ecommerce. The company has also developed several client-specific BI & Analytics solutions. 

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