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Problem Gambling

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Problem gambling

Problem gambling is the inability to resist recurrent urges to gamble excessively despite harmful consequences to the gambler or others. The American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders classifies pathological gambling (PG) as an Impulse Control Disorder that is defined by the presence of at least five symptoms that cause significant distress or impairment in social, family or occupational areas of life and that are not otherwise explained. Some of the symptoms are similar to phenomena seen in substance use disorders (i.e., mood alteration, tolerance, withdrawal, loss of control and preoccupation with gambling), and some are more specific to gambling behavior and consequent financial difficulties (i.e., chasing losses, lying about losses, harm to relationships or occupation, seeking a financial bailout, and committing illegal acts to obtain money).

The Intelligencia solution segments customers via relevant wagering metrics applicable to the sports book (SB) so that meaningful segments will result. The solution attempts to understand a bettor’s gambling habits so that a profile of each bettor is devised and these bettors can be grouped into segments of like gamblers. 

Using this segmentation model, the sports book can also track individual bets and it can alert an end user when a customer displays the behavior of a problem gambler in real-time. The sports book's staff could be provided with evidence to intercept and potentially approach the gambler and/or his family.

As there are over 15 verifiable predictors of problem gambling behavior, and a sports book can search both its internal database, as well as its customers social media accounts and profiles to build a addict gambler potential profile that will help it combat this extremely serious personal and social problem. 

For more information on how our solution can help your sports book, please contact us.