Of the entire travel ecosystem, it is the airline industry that is the least profitable, and has the lowest ROI. Survival belongs to the fittest and, of all of the world's industries, it is probably the airline industry that has evolved and innovated the most. Innovation in technology, decision support, optimization, customer loyalty or personalization has helped create the frequent flier program, revenue management systems, and scheduling systems, amongst many other technological breakthroughs. One could argue that every other industry owes a huge debt of gratitude to the airline industry, but, because necessity is the mother of invention, the airline industry has little choice but to take any compliments in stride and focus on continuing to lead the way.  

Intelligencia's aviation and airlines division can help airlines in a multitude of ways, including developing loyalty programs that reveal a level of personalization that passengers recognize with repeated travel. Intelligencia can help airlines create real-time streaming systems that turn the airline into a predictive engine that centralizes data from its worldwide operations so it can be utilized and optimized by every department at the airline. There is probably no other industry that utilizes as much data as the aviation industry. Every flight of a Airbus 380 creates one terabyte of data and this data should be scoured for potential predictive asset maintenance issues.

Airline databases contain millions of customer records that have to be kept up-to-date so that passengers want to return again and again and again. Competition is fierce. Commodity prices change by the hour; data might be the new oil, as some claim, but oil is the old oil, and keeping on top of commodity prices and price per seat is imperative for airlines to remain profitable.

For an airliner, Data Lakes, CRM/SCRM, Multichannel Campaign Management (MCM), and Social Media solutions can help build a Customer Management Platform (CMP) that gives every one of its customers a level of personalization that not only impresses but will keep them coming back for more. 



Intelligencia can provide the following services:

  • Analytics:
    • Model building for departments such Operations, Commercial, and Customer & Marketing, including models for:
      • Customer Experience and Acquisition.
      • Engine Health Maintenance—build and maintain a robust and secure private cloud facility with a proprietary storage approach that optimizes processing throughput, while maintaining a data lake for offline investigations.
    • Architecting, building, and implementing an edge analytics system for the airline’s operations.
    • Training, including developing unique and individual courses for the business users in each of the airline’s groups, including commercial, operations, customer and marketing.
  • Business Intelligence:
    • Assist in the assessment, architecting, developing, and implementing BI systems, including dashboards.
    • Initiate and implement a Social Media listening solution to understand both the current sentiment for the airline, as well as for its local and international competitors.
  • Customer Experience:
    • Assist in the assessment, architecting, development and implementation of CX and personalization solutions for the airline's loyalty programs.
    • Design, implement and enhance the airline’s next generation Customer Engagement and Loyalty Platform.
    • Architect and implement a process that creates a Single Customer View within the airline, utilizing probabilistic and deterministic matching.
    • Social Media integration so that social media can be added as a customer service channel for the airline’s loyalty customers.
  • Data Lakes:
    • Install, build and architect a data lake solution, including adding real-time stream processing components.
    • Set-up and define the airline’s metadata layer to assist with data governance.
  • Data Governance:
    • Evaluate Data Quality.
    • Help create a business data glossary using inputs from the business to identify and document key data assets of the business.
    • Assist the airline constructing a data warehouse foundation that is able to address a combination of operational, tactical, and ad hoc business needs.
    • Develop and implement a data governance plan that makes the airline a data-driven and data-leading operation.
    • Define granular responsibilities and protocols.
  • Digital Marketing:
    • Assist in the assessment, architecting, development, and implementation of BI dashboards.
    • Initiate, implement and maintain a digital marketing solution to help the airline understand and reach its customers in the most state-of-the-art ways.
  • ETL:
    • Design, construct, test, and document BI and ETL processes and installations. Develop system design requirements from business requirements, as well as document and train staff about these processes.
  • Social Media:
    • Evaluate and implement a social media listening and marketing plan to increase brand awareness, raise customer loyalty, build fanbases, heighten customer understanding, and manage the company's reputation. 
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