Intelligencia’s BI experience includes work with some of the largest casino organizations in the world, including Genting Hong Kong, Star Cruises, Resorts World Casino NY, and The Venetian Macao. Our ETL work has helped casinos optimize their ETL runtime by over 1000%, making patron data more accessible and therefore much more useful. Intelligencia has implemented SAS CI and Marketing Automation solutions at casinos in Macau, the U.S., and at sports books in Australia.

With recent developments in social media, real time marketing efforts have become more effective than ever. Utilizing Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, and other popular social sites, businesses can gather up-to-date information on their target audience and, within minutes, can convert that info into marketing messages that can be shared virally. Intelligencia can show its clients and potential clients how best to combine structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data to create a data warehouse that will fulfill all its personalization objectives.

Once the client’s data has been cleansed, structured, and optimized, it’s time for the model building. Intelligencia can help clients build customer segmentation, customer acquisition, customer churn, and table games revenue management models, amongst many others, as it has done for several clients in both Asia and American. Intelligencia has also developed IP specifically for the sports betting industry that helps mitigate risk and uncover problem gamblers.

Intelligencia is also a thought leader in the gambling space; its executives speak on panels, write books, and pen articles about the changing IT landscape, not just on gaming topics, but for general subjects like Big Data analytics, data lakes, marketing, and social media. Intelligencia’s MD is speaking at the Cyprus Gaming Show in September 2017 on the topics of Big Data and problem gambling.

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