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If an advertising executive had set about to create the perfect marketing and advertising tool, he could hardly have created something superior to the mobile phone. Not only is the mobile phone within reach of its owner almost every single hour of every single day but, because it can connect to a marketer in a highly personalized way with the simple touch of a button, it has the potential to become not only more effective than television or radio advertising but, just as importantly, more analyzable.

As the authors of Mobile Advertising point out that, “With respect to targeting, no other medium can provide the accurate and rich user profile, psychographic, social engagement and demographic data available from mobile. No other medium has the viral capability that mobile possesses–within seconds following a simple click, a unit of advertisement can spread like wildfire.” No other media comes even remotely close to the data measurement capabilities that mobile offers, which begins with exposure to the advertisement, followed by the persuasive effect of the advertisement and, finally, to the actual purchase of a product. Just about every link in the marketer’s chain is touched by mobile.

Mobile advertising has the potential to give a business the best bang for their marketing buck, but a mobile marketing campaign should not simply be viewed as an extension of a company’s Internet marketing brought to the mobile phone. There are three basic types of mobile advertising, including:

  • Broad-based brand advertising: broad-based campaigns that take advantage of user filtering and targeting. These can include subsidized premium content, sponsorships, video pre-rolls or intromercials, post-roll video, on-demand mobile media and contextual or behavioral advertising.
  • Interactive, direct response campaigns: these are opt-in campaigns in which the mobile user usually exchanges some personal information for some type of content. TXT short codes, mobile subscription portals, and user registration campaigns are all examples of this type of campaign.
  • Highly targeted search advertising: mobile’s ability to inform advertiser of the user’s basic age, sex, and address information is far better than any other form of advertising. These campaigns include content targeted search advertising and paid placement or paid inclusion search.

Successful marketing is about reaching a consumer with an interesting offer when he or she is primed to accept it. Knowing what might interest the consumer is half the battle to making the sale and this is where customer analytics comes in.

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