The mass marketing experience is over. According to Gartner, there are five stages of customer experience maturity—initial, developing, defined, managed and optimizing. The goal here is to improve the customer experience through a systematic process to improve customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy.

For casino companies, information housed in an EDW would include things like transactional data, patron and customer relationship management (CRM) data, mobile, social, and location data, as well as information from web logs that track its user’s web behavior, as well as to online advertising bid management systems. It would also give the casino company the ability to do analytics on the fly, which could help the customer’s experience in a multitude of ways.

Attribution analysis can also help a casino understand a person’s preferences; someone who responds to an offer that contains images of a pool or a sports book is revealing information that is helpful for future marketing campaigns.

Most major casino companies today have customer loyalty programs that are a part of a CRM and/or a SCRM initiative to provide their customers with an intimate experience that will make them want to return to the casino again and again and again. Obviously, creating a consolidated customer view is a necessary component of personalization. Another important step of bringing personalization efforts up to a user’s expectation level will be using behavioral data. In order to create these types of customer experiences, casino companies will strategically collect and utilize customer data, including real-time signals of intent, which are typically not captured today.

The Customer Journey

Through mobile and social media analytics, casino companies can create a single customer view that helps produce one-to-one, personalized marketing, which many would consider the Holy Grail of advertising. Marketing to the “customer of one” is one of the major slogans being bandied about by software companies these days and, although it might sound simple, it is anything but.



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