In a general context, AI plays a key role in monitoring social media platforms and other customer review forums.  Since social sharing continues to improve across different platforms, as a result, brands face a serious challenge when it comes to monitoring what customers say on these platforms. With the overwhelming amount of feedback and reviews that businesses can get on these platforms, it is important to have an advanced monitoring tool that captures both quantity and nuance. This ensures that no harm will come to the brand’s reputation, which is extremely important in this highly sensitive culture we’re currently living in.

With AI, businesses can effectively monitor mentions on social media coming from a multitude of channels and networks. AI can help identify a customer who is complaining about a particular company product or service.  AI can be used to identify positive comments from select customers. This social proof can then be shared on the company’s social channels, which will help it build its online reputation. A Python NLP script can easily analyze and classify positive and negative comments. Alerts can be set up for negative comments, which can quickly be acted upon to ensure the company’s reputation isn’t damaged by incensed or annoyed customers.