Data Virtualization

While enterprise data virtualization (EDV) has been around for more than a decade, it has recently been gaining momentum. Many enterprise architects see the opportunity in data virtualization (DV) and are not standing idly by — 56% of global technology decision makers in Forrester’s 2017 survey told them they have already implemented, are implementing, or are expanding or upgrading their implementations of DV technology, up from 45% in 2016. The reasons include:

  • Enterprise data virtualization simplifies complexity.
  • DV better serves real-time requirements. 
  • Enterprise Architect (EA) pros have been applying it to more industries and use cases.

Data virtualization provides an agile data platform to support new and emerging business use cases. It delivers a data services layer that integrates data and content on-demand from disparate sources in real-time, near real-time, streaming, and batch to support a wide range of business processes. Automated processes can update, transform, or cleanse data provided through the data services layer. A critical component of data virtualization is the metadata catalog, which keeps track of all data, its location, availability, and state and ensures trusted and timely availability of data.

Data virtualization also supports transactions that write back to the original data sources, whether online or offline, on-premise, or cloud. EA pros like its automation and self-service capabilities for data integration, access, and management, which reduce time and effort to support new business use cases. Use cases have been expanding beyond customer analytics to support analytics for social media, the internet of things (IoT), fraud detection, and integrated insights. The top DV use cases are:

  • A 360-degree view of the customer.
  • IoT analytics that deal with integrated data. 
  • Real-time data sharing and collaboration data platform. 
  • Securing sensitive data through centralized access.  
  • A self-service data platform for both technology and business users. 

Intelligencia is partnered with several leaders of the DV space, so we can you help chart your way through this tricky technology.