Today, the hype surrounding data analytics has converted into real, documented returns for companies of all sizes and across all industries. Many companies have achieved double-digit returns on their investments (ROI) in analytics for several years now. Partly because of this, the software analytics space is more crowded than it has ever been. Standard ETL-solution providers are adding analytics to their multitude of offerings. Many of these new players in the Master Data Management (MDM) field have BI platforms that combine integration, preparation, analytics and visualization with governance and security features. Such standard analytics processes as column dependencies, clustering, decision trees, and recommendation engines are all included in many of these new software offerings. Instead of forcing clients to purchase modules on top of modules on top of modules, new software companies are creating packages that contain many built-in analytical functions. Thanks to built-in connectors, open source products like RPython, and the WEKA collection can easily be slotted into many of ETL, MDM, BI, CI, CX and MA software solutions, thereby reducing costs and the need for expensive translation layers.

The Analytics Value Escalator below shows how analytics can work for an airline:

Analytics Services

Intelligencia can help businesses implement complex Anlaytics solutions from the ground up. We can help you understand your data in ways that will simplify your analytics initiatives. Our experienced modelers can help you build and maintain your models to ensure they are up-to-date and capturing the most relevant data to ensure your models are as optimized and as powerful as they can be.

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