Intellligencia is a Hong Kong- and Macau-based software consulting company that works specifically in the aviation, gambling, retail, esports, gaming, manufacturing, sports betting and travel industries. Although located in Asia, we work with clients as far away as North America, Mexico, India. Armenia, Australia, and the Philippines. 

We simplify the complex. Our depth of knowledge is unrivaled. We explain all the options and we help our clients navigate through the cutting edge of technology to ensure they are utilizing the best tools available for their particular needs, even if that means utilizing open source technology. ROI is our king and it's always top of the mind when it comes to software recommendations and implementations.

Intelligencia is partnered with such well-known software vendors as Adobe, Alteryx, SAS, SAP, Qlik, Tableau, Vantana, HDS, Salesforce, and ITRS, as well as such uniquely casino-specific vendors as Casino Data Imaging, which produces a data visualization tool that helps casino executives understand a patron’s detailed activity on the casino floor. Intelligencia also understands how to integrate open source systems with commercial software, which allows our clients to cut down on data processing time as well as cost.


Our clients include massive integrated resorts like The Venetian Macao, Galaxy Macau, as well as smaller casinos in the US -- Resorts World NY -- and The Logrand Group, Mexico's largest casino company. Our work in the lottery and sports betting industry includes Tatts and Tabcorp in Australia, as well as Macau Slot in Macau. Our growing list of clients in the social gaming sector include India's Junglee Games and Grow uP eSports, an esports association based in Macau but producing events throughout Asia and Europe. Our work in India also includes HealthyGx, a healthcare service provider that targets the exploding geriatric healthcare sector throughout India.  


Today, Intelligencia is delivering solutions on data blending platforms like Alteryx, Qlik, Tableau, and Spotfire, data lake solutions like Pentaho, as well as integrating real-time stream processing solutions like TIBCO's Streambase, Hitachi's Streaming Data Platform, and Apache's open source tools like Spark, Flink, and Storm. 

Intelligencia's experience with analytics solutions include working with analytics innovators like SAS, new upstarts like SAP's Infinite Insights, as well as on open source products like Python, R, and Pentaho's WEKA tool set. In 2017, Intelligencia partnered with China's largest cloud provider, Alicloud, and we are currently working with Alicloud to create analytical solutions that utilize Alicloud's unique processes, all up in the cloud. 


At Intelligencia, we're all about intelligence (it is, after all, almost our name). We are apostles for the technology we love and think will have a huge impact on the world. We are also differential to the ones we believe don't deliver what they promise (Blockchain, anyone?). Unfortunately, it is sometimes hard to tell between the two. Being based in Macau, we get a unique perspective on the Chinese market and we keep our eyes and ears open for the next app or technological breakthrough that will soon be revolutionizing the world, especially the CX world. Feel free to check out our Intelligence section, as we keep it updated with the latest technological developments that, we believe, will affect our industries.